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Tai Chi 24 - The Complete Guide

Ideal for all levels of Tai Chi practitioners.  This DVD will give you all the details you need to learn the worlds most popular Tai Chi form and gain the many health benefits associated.  Enjoy the convenience of:
- simultaneous multiple angle views (not available elsewhere)
- footwork close-up view
- sectional detail
- martial applications (not available elsewhere)
- detailed step-by-step instructions

Beginners and instructors alike use this DVD to learn and enhance their skills.  Imagine what you have to gain from this detailed resource.
Master Shao is an International Champions Coach, and holds a Master of Chinese Medicine.  In this DVD, he generously shares his expert knowledge with you so that you can gain the most out of this popular Tai Chi form

Duration: approx. 65 minutes,
Language:  English voice-over instructions

Tai Chi 24 Form 
Section 1                          

 1. Commencing form--起式                     

2. Part The Wild Horse’s Mane on Both Sides --野马分鬃

 3. White Crane Spreads Its Wings--白鹤亮翅       

 4. Brush knee on Both Sides--搂膝拗步

 5. Strum the Lute手挥琵琶


Section 2

6. Repulse Monkey --倒撵猴


Section 3

7. Grasp the Bird’s Tail—Left Side--左揽雀尾              

 8. Grasp the Bird’s Tail—Right Side--右揽雀尾

 9. Single Whip 单鞭

10. Wave Hands Like Clouds--云手

11. Single Whip  单鞭

12. High Pat on Horse 高探马

13. Kick with Right Heel--右蹬脚

14. Punch Tiger’s Ears--双峰贯耳

15. Turn & Kick with Left Heel--转身右蹬脚 

16. Snake Creeps Down & Golden Cock Stand on One Leg—Left Side --金鸡独立

17.Snake Creeps Down & Golden Cock Stand on One Leg—Right Side --金鸡独立

18. Jade Lady Work at Shuttles on Both Sides 玉女穿梭


Section 4

19. Needle at Sea Bottom海底针

20. Fan Through Back扇通背

21. Parry & Punch搬拦锤

22. Withdraw & Push如封似闭

23.  Cross Hands--十字手

24.  Closing Form--收式

About Master Shao Zhao Ming
Master Shao began training in Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu-Kung Fu) at the early age of five. By the age of six, he was selected and trained under the guidance of Chinas renowned Grand Master Zhang Tong & Grand Master Ma Xian Da.

Master Shao was the National Open Champion of China in 1989 & 1990. Due to his achievements and knowledge, he was appointed Coach of Chinas prestigious Beijing University of Physical Education Tai Chi and Wushu team. Dedication to his studies and training has resulted in his attainment of Wu Ying (the highest level of Wushu-Kung Fu) awarded by the Sports Commission of China.

He currently holds 7th Dan for Kung Fu-Wushu and the Australian National Wushu/Tai Chi Team Coach, and many of his students have become national and International champions. He is the only person from China having these qualifications combining the Martial & Healing arts.

Master Shao has a clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Melbourne and is the founder of Tai Chi Wushu Insititue of Australia.
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