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Praying Mantis Tai Chi

Includes Foundation Exercises, Sectional Detail, Full Form & Martial Applications

Rarely taught, the Praying Mantis style of Tai Chi is admired by practitioners of all levels.  In this DVD, renowned Grandmaster Bai Wen Xiang teaches the fundamental techniques of this style as well as providing sectional detail & martial applications to help you learn and understand both the routine and martial principles.

About Tai Chi Praying Mantis
The Tai Chi Mantis practitioner delivers strikes with internal power, resulting in a penetrating strike.  Power is generated from the ground up, through the waist and into the strike.  Praying Mantis style utilises a parallel principle to Tai Chi - leveraging contact from an opponent's strike or movement and returning a more powerful blow.   There is a saying that " If you spar with a Tai Chi Mantis, every time you hit him, you're helping him train."

About Grandmaster Bai Wenxiang
Grandmaster Bai is an accomplished Tai Chi Wushu coach with over 45years experience.  He personally trained numerous National and International Champions, including the "Wushu prince" Zhao Changjun, who was China's National Overall Champion for ten consecutive years, as well as other renowned champions including Ms Chu Fenglian, Mr Cui Yi, Mr Shao Zhaoming and Mr Zhang Long.  GM Bai is well kown for his expertise in the traditional styles, including Praying Mantis, Double Handed Sword, Pigua Quan, Fanzi Quan (Tornado fist), Baji Quan (8 Extremities Boxing), Xingyi Quan (Form & Will Boxing), Zhaobao Tai Chi and numerous other styles and weapons.  GM Bai currently resides and teaches in Maryland USA.

Language:  English
Run time:  45 mins 
Most suited for intermediate - advanced levels 

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